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Kanazawa University, Suzuki Lab.

Last updated: May. 25, 2023

Tactile/Proximity Sensors and Sensory-Motor Control for Teleoperated Mobile Robots


  • Yosuke Suzuki, Assistant Professor, Kanazawa University
  • Hibiki Sakai, Student, Kanazawa University
  • Kohei Saito, Student, Kanazawa University



This project aims to research and demonstrate fundamental technologies that contribute to improving the task success rate and reducing the burden of mobile manipulation in teleoperation or autonomous control, based on the development and implementation of tactile and proximity sensing and the integration of sensory and motion control. In this project, we consider a situation in which one operator operates multiple remote robots at the same time. In this situation, semi-autonomous motion generation by sensory-motor control based on tactile and proximity senses is necessary to enable the operator to accurately perform manipulation tasks with simple operation commands, without requiring the operator to focus on a single robot. Specific development items: (1) Development of thin and light-weight tactile and proximity sensors for the hand of HSR, and (2) Development of motion generation based on the sensors to correct errors in object grasping.