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Tamagawa Univ. – Okada lab.

Last updated: Jul. 28, 2022

Practical evaluation of home service robots through a robot competition

As fundamental research, we study robot hardware and development environments to propose functions for practical home service robots and robot usage. As applied research, we aim to establish a standard test method for service robot competitions using competition tasks in RoboCup.


  • Yoshiaki Mizuchi, Assistant Professor, Tamagawa University
  • Hiroyuki Okada, Professor, Tamagawa University
  • Luis Contreras, Researcher, Tamagawa University


RoboCup@Home Simulation DSPL

Although the skills required to solve isolated robotics problems are reaching amazing performances recently, we proposed the evaluation of such individual solutions in fully integrated robot systems tested in real daily situations like those presented at international robotics competitions. The simulation Domestic Standard Platform League (sDSPL), which utilizes the HSR simulator developed for the World Robot Summit, surges from the necessity to standardise and spread the research on Domestic Service Robots where a series of solutions can be tested to solve a general-purpose task in a standard domestic environment; this approach has been proven successful at several international competitions, namely, the RoboCup Japan Open, the Mexican Tournament of Robotics, and the RoboCup 2021.


  1. L. Contreras, Y. Matsusaka, H. Okada, and T. Yamamoto, ”sDSPL – Towards a benchmark for general-purpose task evaluation in domestic service robots”, The 39th Annual Conference of the Robotics Society of Japan, 2021. [Link]