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University of Bonn, Autonomous Intelligent Systems / Humanoid Robots Lab.

Last updated: Oct. 30, 2022

Cognitive Robotics / Computer Vision / Humanoid Robots


  • Sven Behnke, Professor, Autonomous Intelligent Systems / Humanoid Robots Lab
  • Maren Bennewitz, Professor, Autonomous Intelligent Systems / Humanoid Robots Lab



The Autonomous Intelligent Systems group conducts research in the areas of cognitive robotics and computer vision. Cognitive robots represent the next step in the fusion of machines, computing, sensing, and software to create intelligent systems capable of interacting with the complexities of the real world. They are the physical embodiment of machine intelligence. Key challenges in constructing these robots include the systematic treatment of uncertainties, the modeling of the environmental state, the coordination of teams of cooperating robots in dynamic environments, the interaction with humans, development, and learning. In the area of computer vision we investigate object categorization, object-class segmentation, semantic mapping, and action recognition. In particular, we focus on deep learning methods using hierarchical representations in neural networks or graphical models. The research focus of the Humanoid Robots Lab lies on robots acting in human environments. We develop techniques that allow robots to adapt their behavior to the environment and to the surrounding people, thereby exploiting semantic information about objects and information about the activities of users.